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Lynda Lee Smith has committed the past twenty-five years of her life to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Lynda is an international public speaker and has presented to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva, Switzerland; and also the Permanent Bureau of International Law in The Hague, Netherlands.

She has a personal interest in healthy living and published her first book on the subject in 2010, “Playing the Hand You Were Dealt and Achieving the Body You Were Meant to Have”. She is currently completing her second book on achieving personal wealth, “Beat the System, Create Your Own Pathway to Wealth”.

Her career with national and international organizations like Habitat for Humanity International, the American heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and International Advocates for Children has given her insight into the hurdles that many people face in the pursuit of optimum lifestyles. 

Her core belief in a permanent holistic lifestyle is dependent upon the mental ability to take control over the decisions you make every day.








BEAT THE SYSTEM, create your own paThway to wealth



PLAYING THE HAND YOU WERE DEALT, and achieving the body you were meant to have

Over the past decades, Americans have experienced a continual expansion in commerce, trade, wealth and around their waistlines. Modern day Americans are the most obese population on the planet due to their lack of personal discipline.  Americans are obsessed with food.  As a result, they have created a billion dollar quick-fix industry centered on diet, exercise, and specialty health foods. But the growth of the health industry has not reduced our size, or improved the quality of food that we put into our bodies. Even though Americans gravitate like magnets to the latest fad diet and exercise, they still have no control over their mouth and what goes into it.

Lynda Lee Smith brings a fresh new approach to gaining control of your health and your life by reprogramming the thought processes within the brain concerning food, physical activity and an overall approach to healthy living.  Permanent changes in thinking must occur in the human brain to achieve the body and health we desire.

The results of such a change in thinking affect every aspect of our lives in a positive manner. Lynda shares a step-by-step, common sense approach to achieving permanent lifestyle change, once-and-for-all. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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