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“Just finished your book and I have to tell you that your little book is big on inspiring content. If anyone contemplates on the 3 questions on page 14 and answers in the affirmative, then the next honest question would have to be. What am I going to do about this realization?

Well your passionate lifetime quest for knowledge on this subject has yielded simple answers to hard questions. Your style is honest and forthright. Many books have been written on this subject, and are laden with agendas and self serving motives. You have won hearts and minds with this work, by sharing yours.”
by John Stewart - Gainesville GA

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Inventory the Pantry

A quick inventory of your pantry can help you identify some foods and ingredients that can easily be exchanged for a healthier substitute.  Look for those bags of regular potato chips, packs of cookies, packaged items like doughnuts or honey buns (you get the picture!).  Strive to identify at least five items that you can find healthier substitutes for.  Regular potato chips can be exchanged easily for the baked versions.  Bake an angel food cake to keep on the kitchen counter instead of eating other pastry items.  Look for lower fat/lower sugar cookies like animal crackers or ginger snaps (read the labels) to replace regular cookies.  Remember:  Keep taking baby steps towards a healthier you!  Every small change adds up!