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Achieving great health in 2013

At 11:40 on 12/31/12 over half of Americans are making yet another resolution to “get in shape” during 2013. They most likely made the same one last year but somehow saying it again will have a better outcome or so they think. Health is one of the key ingredients for quality of life. Without it, more money/greater job/etc. just doesn’t matter much. Make the resolution count this year and commit to make permanent change. Your health is far more valuable to you and your family than any favorite food.

The Core Problem with Diets and Dieting

I was talking with a friend last week about a “new” diet. I know I rolled my eyes at the mention. As I state in my book, losing weight on a diet is perfectly fine but you will eventually get to the maintenance portion. This is where the rubber meets the road because you are going to still have to confront the permanent mental changes necessary to control and manage your eating habits. There is no escaping that component of a diet which is why most diets ultimately fail. You stand a much better chance of permanent success by addressing the eating issues which need to change UPFRONT. Even if you just take baby steps to achieve each new goal—it is more likely to be a permanent achievement thus avoiding the frustration of gaining back weight lost on a quick fix diet. Just think about it.

Don’t Just Make Another New Year Resolution on Health in 2011

In a few days millions of people will make their traditional New Year’s Resolutions and millions will be oriented around losing weight or getting in better shape. How did that work for you last year? I challenge you to not only make the resolution but actually make your health a top priority in 2011. Staying healthy is one of the greatest gifts for yourself as well as for all who love you. Start now before the new year and set some real guidelines for both changing your diet and increasing your physical activity. There are many great books to use as a guide to achieving permanent change including my own. Start taking those baby steps to achieving permanent health in 2011 so the 2012 New Year will be a real celebration of achievement! You owe it to yourself to live a long full life with the best quality of life possible! Happy New Year!

Inventory the Pantry

A quick inventory of your pantry can help you identify some foods and ingredients that can easily be exchanged for a healthier substitute.  Look for those bags of regular potato chips, packs of cookies, packaged items like doughnuts or honey buns (you get the picture!).  Strive to identify at least five items that you can find healthier substitutes for.  Regular potato chips can be exchanged easily for the baked versions.  Bake an angel food cake to keep on the kitchen counter instead of eating other pastry items.  Look for lower fat/lower sugar cookies like animal crackers or ginger snaps (read the labels) to replace regular cookies.  Remember:  Keep taking baby steps towards a healthier you!  Every small change adds up!

Dining with Author Lynda Lee Smith Segment featuring Chinese Cuisine

Just added a new dining segment featuring Chinese Cuisine made healthy.